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  • Veterinary Jobs - Veterinarian Jobs - Vet Jobs - Veterinary Technician Jobs - Vet Tech Jobs - Veterinary Nurse Jobs - Vet Nurse Jobs

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  • Just to advise you that the ECC position at...has been filled, are we able to have this advert removed early? Thank you for your assistance, I will definitely use your service again...
    Emma C
    Emergency and Critical Care GM
  • The site is really easy to browse for jobs and creating a Job Alert was very straightforward. I already received a notification for three potential jobs.
    Drew W
    Job Seeker
  • The team at Vet and Pet Jobs have been exceptional to deal with, the site is easy to use and we have been pleasantly surprised with not just the volume, but also the quality of candidates.
    Paula D
    Chief Veterinary Officer


How To Get Your First Veterinary Job in Trying Times

So, you successfully completed your studies and practical skills placements, and gained your Degree or Certification and you are actively networking and applying, and with good interest being shown…and then there is a global pandemic…impossible to plan for, but with some extra effort not completely insurmountable. Finding a practice to put your newly acquired skills to work in an entry-level role is always a challenge, and now even more so, so here are five tips to help you secure your first job as a brand new DVM, Vet Tech or Vet Nurse in these challenging times…including always wearing pants for an online interview, always…

Your Veterinary Career – Time To Hit Refresh?

Nobody really saw it coming…a pandemic…there were rumblings and mentions but it’s a shock to anyone’s system when it really happens…but once we get over that initial world-altering jolt, there is opportunity and still room for optimism…they say “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”…If you think, “well, I made my bed, so I guess now I have to lie in it,” think again – this pandemic, as awful as it is, brings with it the prospect of diversification and new veterinary career opportunities in a post-COVID-19 world. If you’re willing to research and explore new horizons with an open mind (which could be quite an adventure in its own right), you’ll find a host of interesting (and in some cases surprising) veterinary career specialties that you may not have considered that may reinvigorate your veterinary career as things begin to return to some modicum of normal, including these…

Veterinary Professionals, Heal Thyself

Improving your wellbeing is not as simple as taking a week-long holiday at a health spa, or simply getting more exercise and improving your diet. Though all of these are important to Veterinary Wellbeing (and we’d like to justify our own annual spa retreats too), stress management and mental health care require fundamental changes to our daily lives. Remember that you deserve to nurture yourself to the same degree that you look after your patients. How do you cope when you are being pulled in so many directions, mentally as well as physically? Here are some essential first steps…

Why Choose Vet & Pet Jobs?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the USA and similar bodies in Canada, the UK, Australia and worldwide, opportunities for Veterinarians are set to climb by 19 percent through 2026, while roles for Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Technicians will increase by 20 percent in that same time frame.

Searching generic job boards that show all types of jobs can be a daunting and painful ordeal. Hours spent clicking through job sites can leave you worried and stressed about your current situation. That is why Vet & Pet Jobs was created. We wanted to eliminate the need to jump from job site to job site to find an opportunity working as a Veterinarian, Vet Technician, Vet Associate, Vet Practice Manager or Pet Retail, Management, Grooming or other animal care jobs.

Here at Vet & Pet Jobs our vet jobs Campaigns reach across the complete range of veterinary jobsVeterinarian jobs, Associate Veterinarian jobs, Emergency Veterinarian jobs, Veterinary Technician jobs, Locum Relief Veterinarian jobs and many more. Browse by job type, state or city and click through to each Job Campaign for all the details plus each one has a quick video to help you drill down to the key elements in each veterinary job to help you decide on which ones to apply for.

Job Seekers can register and create daily or weekly Job Alerts to notify you when new career opportunities are posted. So, whether you are looking for veterinary jobs in Los Angeles, California or Seattle, Washington or Miami, Florida or New York City, New York and all points in between, you can find the best veterinary jobs for your next career step.

And for Veterinary Hospitals and Vet Clinics, you can find the best veterinary professionals – GP Veterinarians, Emergency Vets, Associate DVM’s, Vet Techs and Relief Vets and Techs – across the USA and Canada, and build your team – register as an Employer and post your Job Campaign today.

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